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The hook is then freed and attached to the strap lug fig. With the lens at full aperture largest opening , the amount of light at the film plane appears as illustrated by the blue curve in the diagram. CF Adapter The CF adapter is an optional accessory that allows virtually all C type lenses from the V-system to be used on H-system camera bodies. Please recycle or discard in an environmentally approved manner. Вы будете получать эл. It includes an integral flash primarily intended for fill-flash use but strong enough for simple close work. Software then processes these electronic files as a package into a Hasselblad 3FR file which in turn is processed in Phocus to produce Hasselblad 3F files or various other formats such as DNG, TIFF, JPEG etc. The cover can be removed by inserting a pointed object, such as a pen, in the small hole and then sliding it to the left, as in the il- lustration. By pressing half-way or softly the camera, auto focus function and exposure meter can be activated. You must now select the approval status that you wish to delete. Remember that particles or greasy marks on the screen might impair the viewfinder image... For further details see delivery estimates in cart. Grip display Typical camera grip display. Both the grip and the digital capture unit displays are dimmed accordingly. UP buttons can all be reassigned to different functions. On the text row towards the bottom of the screen, the text line cursor is auto- matically placed to the right of the character that is to be changed. Two of the buttons, located at the bottom-right and -left of the screen, are given an on-screen label that changes according to the current context. Automatic focus setting Focus is correct when both arrowheads are visible together. Technical specifications Camera Type Auto-focus, auto-exposure digital SLR camera with interchangeable viewfinders and lenses. Self timer setting The Self timer function is set in the following manner: MENU 1 Press the MENU button on the grip. Информация о количестве и суммах ставок может быть несколько устаревшей. Slide back the safety collar fig. SanDisk extreme IV , ImageBank-II or tethered to a Mac or PC Image storage Battery type Rechargeable Li-ion battery 7. Do not touch or attempt to clean the mir- ror yourself—marks or dust particles will not impair results in any case. To make a rapid User Button white balance setting: Please note: this function works with a CF card or an ImageBank- II only 1. None B mode The user button has no function. Advanced Features Programmable self timer Programmable bracketing Programmable interval setting 30 custom options This section describes the features that are not normally used on every occasion but can be exploited wisely to obtain the optimum from the system. Стоимость и способы международной пересылки указаны отдельно в каждом из объявлений.

Manual focus ring C.

Lens shades can be mounted in reverse for transport. Introductory overview Medium-type icon Compact Flash Medium name The MEDIA list. Audible and visible signals as well as recorded information in the file and in the file name all promote a quick and easy classification in the field or in the lab. Construction One piece stainless steel shell. Digital correction for color aberration and distortion is also added. Accessory connection 18, 19 On the left hand side of the camera body are two accessory-retaining screw threads M5 , as well as a databus connector, protected beneath a cover. «Лучший продавец плюс» Продавцы с самыми высокими оценками покупателей Возврат товаров с возмещением средств Отправка в течение 1 раб. Press MENU and navigate down to select SETTINGS. The hook is then freed and attached to the strap lug fig. Large Format 48x36mm Digital Capture Today's digital photography demands higher resolution, less noise, and improved compositional choice, all of which the CF backs provide.

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Both the grip and the digital capture unit displays are dimmed accordingly.
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